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Fruit preparations

Our solutions for fruit preparations

Specialty ingredients designed to enhance the texture, mouth-feel, appearance and taste in a broad range of applications, offering customized solutions, technical support and innovative ideas.

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  • Aglupectin LA-S20

    in low sugar gelling sugar for homemade jams

  • Aglupectin LA-S20

    in standard low sugar jams

  • Aglupectin LA-S2131

    in no added sugar jams with fruit pieces in suspension

  • Aglupectin LA-SX25

    in low sugar jam with fruit in suspension

  • Aglupectin LA-SX9524

    in low sugar jam with fruit in suspension

  • Aglupectin LC-S12Y

    in squeezable organic jams

  • Aglupectin LC-S18X

    in organic low sugar jams

  • Aglupectin PLUS

    in high viscosity fruit spreads with pieces in suspension

  • Aglutex J123

    in high sugar fruit spreads

  • Aglutex J187

    in low solids fruit desserts without added sugar

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