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Plant based ingredients

Upcycling nature’s gifts into valuable solutions for the food and beverage industry

Citrus pectin. A highly versatile and valuable natural dietary fiber, recognised by consumers as a label-friendly ingredient. It serves as gelling, thickening and stabilising agent in food, beverages, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and pharma. 

Citrus fiber. A clean label, plant-based ingredient delivering multiple functional and dietary benefits. It is derived from partially depectinised citrus peels, making it a perfect example of a circular economy.

Tara gum. A natural ingredient with excellent thickening and stabilising properties. It is obtained by grinding the seeds of Caesalpinia spinosa, sourced from a sustainable and strictly controlled supply chain.

Tailor-made texturising solutions. Blends of carefully selected stabilisers, thickeners and other special ingredients designed to achieve distinctive textures, ensure good stability and enhance mouthfeel in food and beverages.

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About JRS Silvateam

JRS Silvateam Ingredients is a fast-growing family of plant-based food ingredients specialists, reliable partners and problem-solving thinkers, with strong Italian inventiveness, global reach, passion for sustainability, high quality standards and customer service.
Born from the joint venture between Silvateam and J. Rettenmaier & Söhne, our company boasts a strong technical expertise, cutting-edge facilities and market oriented vision.
Nurturing passionate, enthusiastic, professional people is a key ingredient to deliver to the customers tailor-made, label friendly, sustainable solutions helping them to make challenges easier and future valuable opportunities possible.

People. Passion. Texture.

Consumers changing expectation is what the food industry must face day by day in order to provide appealing food and drinks that taste delicious, look good in texture and appearance. Not just healthy, but also convenient and value for money.
Texture plays a crucial role in influencing consumers’ liking and preference of a food product. Choosing the right texturiser is a complex task as it requires time-consuming effort and high investments in research to understand how these ingredients will interact with the other components of the recipe.
This is what JRS Silvateam Ingredients technicians do in state-of-the-art applications and development centres, based in Bergamo (Italy) and in the JRS headquarters (Rosenberg, Germany), passionately working hand in glove with customers to develop the most fitting solutions for their needs.

Charting our path to sustainability

Our commitment to building a brighter future goes well beyond merely increasing production capacity or improving existing technologies. It encompasses a dedication to innovation, reducing resource consumption, boosting efficiency, enhancing environmental performance and improving working conditions.
JRS Silvateam’s eco-conscious approach prioritises the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and stakeholders, steadfast support for social initiatives, responsible environmental stewardship, all while ensuring the sustainability of our economic performance.


Messe Frankfurt (Germany)

Food Ingredient Europe

28 - 30 November 2023

Shanghai National Exhibition & Convention Center (China)

Food Ingredient China

20 - 22 March 2024

Dubai World Trade Centre (UAE)

Gulfood Manufacturing 2024

November 2024

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