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Consumer expectations are on the rise within the rapidly evolving cosmetics industry. The younger generations prioritise products that enhance their well-being and support environmental sustainability without making concessions. Crafting successful formulations for this demanding market requires achieving a perfect equilibrium across various factors, such as ease of dispensing, film formation, moisture resistance and enduring stability. Our expertise can assist you in creating cutting-edge cosmetics featuring transparent labelling, catering to diverse cultural preferences and offering waterless options. Explore our plant-based solutions, carefully designed to maximise the efficacy of active ingredients in your formulations, contributing to the health and wellness of consumers.


The cosmetic industry is seeing a surge in premium, wellness integrated products and a significant move towards clean, sustainable beauty with a personal touch.

Stabilisers in cosmetics serve to preserve the efficacy of ingredients like active components, fragrances and essential oils. They maintain pH balance, preventing excessive acidity or alkalinity, ensuring the stability of emulsions in skincare and makeup products. Additionally, citrus fiber acts as a natural thickener and moisture regulator, improving texture and stability. When used together, these elements enhance cosmetic quality, preventing ingredient separation and unwanted alterations, thus prolonging shelf life and enhancing the user experience.

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