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Sweets, chocolates, lollypops and marshmallows have long been a driving force in the market, with exotic flavours and origin of the ingredients conferring further glamour and interest to these premium treats. Although confectionery is typically indulgent, due to its high sugar content, either actual or perceived, there’s a growing trend towards options focusing on health and wellness. This shift can mitigate guilt and potentially boost consumption by positioning them as part of a healthier lifestyle.
Our extensive selection of natural ingredients is perfectly tailored to meet the evolving demand for sugar based snacks that are not only a natural footprint but also cater to various trends such as vegan, gelatine free and various dietary needs.
We can help confectioners choose the proper hydrocolloid to prevent undesirable changes throughout transportation and shelf life of these treats, such as sugar recrystallisation, moisture migration and texture variation.


Despite the high sugar content of these delicate confectionery products, acid jellies are now witnessing a notable demand for lower-sugar alternatives and the incorporation of functional ingredients like vitamins and minerals. Additionally, there’s a focus on sour intensity and innovative textures.

This popular, versatile form of confectionery is known for its chewy texture and a variety of flavours, colours and shapes. The gelling agents involved in the production process, such as pectin, gelatine or agar-agar, serve as the fundamental elements that provide the characteristic chewy, elastic texture. They work by forming a network of polymers that trap water and other ingredients, creating the jelly’s structure once cooled and set.

Neutral jellies manufacturers are crafted by blending neutral tasting ingredients like coffee, caramel, vanilla, and milk extracts with the traditional sugar and glucose. With a pH of 4.5 to 6.0, neutral jellies require gelling agents, such as low methoxyl pectins (LM), to achieve the proper rheological profiles and create an elastic and firm texture.

Nutra gummies

Nutra gummies are on trend with a focus on supplements for immunity, mental and gut health, incorporating plant-based and collagen options while enhancing flavours for a more enjoyable consumption experience.

Nutra gummies, enriched with vitamins, minerals, salts and polyphenols, incorporate stabilisers to maintain the desired texture, prevent ingredient separation and extend the overall shelf life. A growing trend among consumers is the preference for natural hydrocolloids like pectin, aga-agar and carrageenan over traditional gelatine, reflecting their inclination for cleaner and more transparent product labels.


The marshmallow industry is evolving towards natural and gelatine-free ingredients, catering to dietary preferences with vegan and allergen-free options.

Marshmallows are airy, spongy confections characterised by their soft, pillowy texture and sweet vanilla flavour, typically made with sugar, water and texturisers. Different plant-based ingredients play a crucia role in creating the marshmallow’s elasticity and physical properties throughout the shelf life. Texturisers also help to aerate the mixture, keeping them stable even as it sets and cools, allowing marshmallows to maintain their typical structure while being delightfully squishy

Fruit bars

Fruit bars are thriving with the rise of clean eating and healthy snacking. Trends include plant-based and low-sugar options, as well as functional ingredients like probiotics. Consumers also seek unique flavors, texture variety and customisation, making fruit bars a dynamic and evolving market segment.

Hydrocolloids such as pectin and various gums are used to bind ingredients, provide a desirable chewy texture and maintain bar integrity, especially in formulations where reduced sugar content is desired. These ingredients also help to extend shelf life by managing moisture and preventing syneresis, aligning with consumer demand for both convenience and cleaner labels in snack products.

Water jellies

Historically widespread in Asia and the Middle East, these desserts with appealing shapes and colours are gaining popularity globally, especially among kids, due to their low calories and refreshing, hydrating properties. They offer a convenient, healthy treat, especially designed to boost hydration and encourage increased fruit consumption.

Typically containing fruit from concentrates and juices, water jellies are noted for their high transparency, elasticity, firm gel structure, clean slicing and excellent water retention over their shelf life. To boost fruit intake, manufacturers are increasingly embedding actual fruit pieces into these jellies. Carrageenan, agar-agar and tara gum are the main hydrocolloids used to impart excellent elasticity and effectively manage syneresis.

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