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Meat & fish

The whole animal-based production chain is experiencing a growing emphasis on organic, cruelty free sourcing to meet the demands of eco- and health-conscious consumers. There is also a significant rise in meat and seafood products that incorporate plant-based ingredients. These lower fat, high protein alternatives cater to flexitarians and those reducing their meat and fish intake for dietary or environmental reasons. At the same time, the vegetarian diet is gaining more popularity globally, day after day. Our natural ingredients and additives have been designed to address this evolving market, improving the sliceability, juiciness, taste and especially the textures of animal based products. The technical expertise and global experience of our food technologists is what makes us the right partners to assist formulators in enhancing flavour, aesthetics and functionality. We offer a selection of premium ingredients that seamlessly integrate with our customers’ production methods.


Consumers are showing a growing interest in plant-based alternatives and sustainable sourcing, with ever-more artisanal and gourmet options being seasoned to serve a broader range of dietary preferences and cuisines.

The incorporation of ingredients such as citrus fiber and hydrocolloids like tara gum and carrageenan enhances both consumer appeal and manufacturing efficiency. The aim is to improve texture, moisture retention and binding properties while minimising losses due to drip, freeze-thaw or cooking. These solutions prevent the separation of natural fats and juices during cooking, thus enhancing the mouthfeel of the final product. Additionally, they can help in forming a firmer structure in products like meatballs and burgers, ensuring they maintain their shape throughout cooking and handling.


Besides seeking for authentic and more adventurous taste experiences from around the world, sauces manufacturers are prioritising on natural ingredients, reduced salt and sugar, plant-based substitutes and functional additives to boost health and wellbeing.

Hydrocolloids, such as agar, carrageenan and alginates, are frequently utilised in seafood processing to achieve gelling, thickening and stabilising effects. Moreover, the addition of citrus fiber can enhance both the texture and nutritional profile of fish based dishes, promoting overall quality and sensory appeal. When used in combination, these ingredients play a crucial role in preventing water loss, ensuring a desirable texture and stabilising sauces and coatings.

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