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Tailor-made texturising solutions

Blends of selected stabilisers, thickeners and other special ingredients to obtain food and beverages with a distinctive texture, good stability and improved mouthfeel. Our consistent, high quality formulations, commercialised under Aglutex® brand name, are easy to use and safe, while performing as expected by our customers. Thanks to the combination of selected hydrocolloids and their synergism, it is possible to reach the desired targets more effectively and efficiently. Aglutex® formulations minimise the inconvenience of storing large quantities of different raw materials individually. They also reduce the effort in terms of quality control and sourcing, while helping customers to contain development costs. A selection of single ingredients completes the service offered to our customers.

What it is made of

The raw materials selected for Aglutex® formulations include both our own texturising agents, such as citrus pectin, citrus fiber and tara gum, and ingredients sourced from approved and qualified partners. Notably, our sister company J. Rettenmaier & Söhne is a leading producer of a range of hydrocolloids, like alginates and modified celluloses, along with a broad selection of plant-based fibers. In addition, we have historical and reliable partners for the sourcing of other raw materials, including agar-agar, gellan gum, xanthan gum, etc. Our strict control over these supply chains, coupled with the expertise in the formulation of texturising systems, enable us to provide performing and customised solutions in compliance with diverse food legislations, ethnical preferences and labelling requirements.

How it works

The Aglutex® portfolio includes a diverse range of texturising systems, tailored to unique process and product requirements. Each specialty food ingredient has a specific composition as well as different utilisation methods and activation requirements. Therefore, we take pride in our capacity to offer specialised technical support and cultivate enduring customer relationships. Through this partnership, we can proficiently guide and counsel you to maximising the capabilities of our texturising systems, enabling you to attain peak performance, enhance efficiency and optimise effectiveness in your applications.

Key features

How it is made

Producing Aglutex® stabilizers is a comprehensive process centred on meeting customer demands. The journey begins with the identification of specific customers’ needs and the close collaboration with our R&D department, based in Bergamo (Italy) and in the JRS headquarters (Rosenberg, Germany), to formulate the appropriate solutions. The procurement team sources topquality raw materials in-house and from selected partners. Blending, a pivotal step, involves precise measurement and mixing of ingredients according to standardisation method, to assure consistent performance. Rigorous quality control procedures ensure that the final product aligns with the standards. After quality checks, products are packaged and distributed. Continuous quality assurance and improvement drive consistent customer satisfaction.

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