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Would you like to confer to dairy alternatives a delightful mouthfeel and texture? Prevent syneresis in yoghurts? Enhance viscosity in low sugar fruit-based drinks? Improve spreadability in low fat cream cheese? Or perhaps, impart a glossy and shiny surface on cold glazes?  At JRS Silvateam Ingredients, we offer a comprehensive range of plant-based solutions, including citrus pectin, citrus fiber, tara gum and tailor-made texturisers. These ingredients act as rheology modifiers, gelling agents, suspending agents, stabilisers and thickeners in various applications, spanning across food, beverages, cosmetics and nutraceuticals.

Our skilled foodies focus on addressing specific requests and pioneering innovative, label friendly concepts to anticipate market trends and devise a wide variety of interesting textures. 

Our journey continues day by day exploring new ingredients and applications, driven by our unwavering commitment to embrace our customers pain points and share a common path to create successful products that consumers love.




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